Monster Park(SEA) (Unreleased)

Monster Park(SEA) (Unreleased)

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Make your mobile a monster hunter.

There's a new obsession in town. And it's all about monsters. We are not talking about the scary ones that live under your bed. In fact, it is a whole new breed of loveable, mystical monsters with special powers. Welcome to Monster Park - the game that will get you catching every monster in your sight.

Get ready for non-stop action. The moment you hit play, you are transported into a fantastical 3D world filled with monsters. And, it is your job to assemble and prepare them to embark upon a whole new adventure.

Fight epic battles or challenge yourself to the tough tasks of the Monster League. What's more, you can also compete against other trainers in real-time.

Monster Park comes with a string of lovely features that makes the game an absolute hit.

Endless number of monsters: Discover over 2000 mythical monsters that are constantly evolving and increasing in number. Now is your chance to catch them all and add to your ever-growing collection. Gather resources to help the monsters evolve and get stronger.
Realistic 3D game scenarios: It does not get ay more real than this. Enjoy the classic drama of cool lifelike animated scenes that make every moment exciting.
Fight big battles for guild and league: Round up your troop of monsters. Think up new battle strategies. And do everything you can to win the ultimate league battles.

Are you ready to catch monsters and become a master of trainers? Download Monster Park now.

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